1. About the EKKA - Our Association sets the standard for European Kenpo and seeks to educate its members in the practices, applications, principles, and concepts of the Kenpo Karate System. Our Association provides guidance, education and leadership for our members. We encourage, support, and assist our instructors to develop their Kenpo knowledge to the highest standards. We offer European Kenpo instructors the opportunity to advance in rank and test with our International Board of Examiners.
  2. Membership - Membership of our Association is open to all European Kenpo students. Membership involves representing our Association in your area, province, or country and giving your commitment to promote the Kenpo Karate system. Membership includes learning and teaching the EKKA Kenpo syllabus in your school and having regular instruction with a suitably qualified EKKA Kenpo instructor or instructors.
  3. Welcome! Bienvenidos! Velkommen! Willkommen! Bem!-vindos! Bienvenue! Welgekomen! - We welcome the strengths and qualities that each new student, instructor, and club brings to our Association. We value all past experience and greatly respect pervious martial arts achievements gained by our members.

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